Top 5 Reasons Why I’d Be Open to Marry Again

Failures Lead to Success: My Top 5 Reasons Why I’d Be Open to Marry Again   Testimony By Giovanna W. I have been married and divorced twice. I was quite young and naïve in my past failed marriages. Basically, I was still figuring out who I was. I believed that love was enough and that […]

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Navigating Today’s Dating Landscape

Balancing Act: Navigating Today’s Dating Landscape While Maintaining Our Busy Lives   Witty, outgoing, exciting and attractive people are just way too busy! You know the ones who we would love to meet, dine and vacation with.  They are extremely booked, previously scheduled and have prior commitments.  We all have succumbed to busying ourselves with […]

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Love Languages … yes, and so much more!

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” James Baldwin I often wonder when I hear or read the words “the thrill of dating” is there still, really such a thing? There seems to be a false narrative and facade that is extended when we are […]

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