Navigating Today’s Dating Landscape

Balancing Act:
Navigating Today’s Dating Landscape
While Maintaining Our Busy Lives


Witty, outgoing, exciting and attractive people are just way too busy! You know the ones who we would love to meet, dine and vacation with.  They are extremely booked, previously scheduled and have prior commitments.  We all have succumbed to busying ourselves with the kids, work, church, volunteerism and our social calendars.


Today, it’s the thing to do. We’re managing, shifting and negotiating the various facets of our lives.  So much so that we are even too busy to make time for the thing we desire most… companionship.  The potential to make a love connection should not be placed on the back burner—today is the day!


If you really have lost touch with friends, take time to reconnect. You may be missing out on an opportunity to be introduced to one of their new/old friends.  Consider paying attention to your surroundings when you’re in a familiar environment.  For instance, if you tend to breeze by an alluring gaze while picking produce in the grocery store, take a moment to acknowledge the person behind the stare. You may be surprised about what you discover hidden in another pulsing, breathing body.


Challenge accepted?  So, you have made up your mind. You are going to go for it and start dating again!  It’s so brave of you to grace the world with the essence of you. Though, before engagement, you have to ask yourself if you are you really prepared to date.  If your answer is “yes,” then position yourself to address/answer the following:


  • What are your dating ambitions?

-       You know you better than anyone else, detail your desired end goals

  • Are your Standards too un-obtainable and boundaries too far-fetched?

-       Be realistic. Allow room for an individual exhibit interests you have not considered or envisioned. Because you are not aware of something, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

  • In the past, what have you done wrong or right?

-       Allow yourself to rectify some of the old dating attitudes, habits and behaviors that forced you to immerse yourself into work and activities in the first place.


Also, have you seriously considered dating online? Given our increasingly busy schedules and cultural comfort, we rely heavily upon technology to facilitate our desires and connect us to what we need. Why can’t our desktops and mobile devices, deliver on love?  People with limited time tend to lean towards the virtual environment. It’s accessible via mobile and computer, which we have access to day or night. It allows you to engage as much or as little as we would like. There are so many application options for you to choose from.


Once you have selected a successful method for dating, just make some time to do it.


Nicole Lester
Publicist| Media Strategist| Radio Host
Empyrean PR & Media Group

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