Are You Too Perfect for Your Perfect Mate?

Loosen Up for Love

Many of us tend to think we don’t have baggage, we are mistake-free and that we are 100% on top of our game at all times, but we are secretly failing our current or prospective mates? There are simple ways to improve upon your perfect, self-image.

I know you’re thinking “I haven’t had any complaints!” Of course, there are some, but you are just not listening, like the other 98.2% of us.  If we would just take the time to listen we will learn a lot about what our suitors, partners and/or spouse want or don’t, what they like or dislike and what brings them joy or sadness. Trust me, they have hinted…

Even friends have pointed the finger at us. Sometimes the messaging is hidden in stories about others, where they insert their opinion; hypothetical questions or scenarios they present.  They are trying, in some way or another, to tell you that a change needs to occur.

This very thing happens in dating and people tend to be less honest about they are trying to please the other.  Believe it or not, not having the right attitude or the willingness to change could cost you. You could potentially miss out on the opportunity to be happy with someone you really care about because you’re so uptight or are confident or comfortable in your “perfection.” Especially in dating, because first impressions feed into a persons’ preconceived ideas…

Are You Too Perfect for Your Perfect Mate?

A lot of people assume that because they are adults, they don’t exhibit ideals of perfection or selfish behaviors from childhood that are innate in us all.  In fact, it’s probably worse. Adults can be shy or nervous when meeting new people. Or just plain arrogant. They can be masters at their jobs, but clueless in engaging in a new relationship.  It can be stressful, rather than exciting, getting to know someone new.  So your attitude should be one of ease.  Allowing the other individual to be casual, to relax and be themselves.

At all costs, drop the formalities because who you think you are and your profession doesn’t matter.  On a date, you are not expected to provide a legal presentation or to perform surgery, you are there to just relate to another human person to determine if you all have similar interests that can sustain a friendship.  This will allow you both to really get to know one another.  After all, it’s just a date!

Mr./Ms. Perfect, If you are in charge of planning the date, ensure that you:

  1. Manage their expectations – Let them know how you’re going to dress, what the atmosphere will be like to make them comfortable.
  2. Create an atmosphere for success- Google them or check them out on Facebook or LinkedIn to find out more about who they are, what they do and like.
  3. Ensure you a provide positive experience- Show that you have the ability to have fun, connect in the moment and care about others feelings as well.

The point of interacting with others is to leave them in better a state than when you met them.  Depart, leaving the essence of you in their mind.  They should be richer for knowing or having met you. You may not be perfect, but you are absolutely the perfect you.  Show them who you really are, without all of the extra fluff.

Nicole Lester
Publicist| Media Strategist| Radio Host
Empyrean PR & Media Group

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