Aim High in Dating: Having High Standards Is a Good Thing

We all have a friend who has a list of attributes that she wants in a mate.  This may get her eye rolls from her girlfriends for being so picky.  She may be called unreasonable or finicky for having a detailed list of the qualities that she wants in a partner.  Your friend’s list could possibly sound a little like this: “I want him to be intelligent, educated, tall, good looking, health conscious, financially sound and brave.”


You get butterflies at the start of any relationship but most times that quickly fades.  Imagine, if you wait for the guy that not only excites you about being with him but also inspires you to bring your A game in life.  Or being with him makes you feel safe and secure because you can trust him. Picture the man that makes your heart shout with joy and just being near him gives you a big case of happiness.  You get what I am saying.  Wait for the one that makes you feel like this.


Well it may sound persnickety and fussy, but waiting for your Mr. Wonderful is worth the curl in your toes and the giddiness you feel when you are with him.  You deserve to have these feelings swirling around you.  It is entirely possible for feelings such as these to bud, blossom and bloom when you don’t settle.  It’s the sustained warm fuzzies that lets you know he is the right one.


You should feel protected, engaged and special.  It’s not hard to respond to a man who makes you feel this way.  You should get tickled when he amuses you and makes you laugh out loud.  But the best part of the whole thing is that you amaze him in the very same way.  It’s a mutual affection show.  You shouldn’t be made to feel badly about yourself and any man that doesn’t cherish the woman you are is not worth the trouble.  Wait for the one who will.


Yvonne A.


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